Who is Black Bird Cleaner Software?

The company was founded in Lviv, Ukraine in 2016, developing software in the area of PC optimization. The company has created such software titles as: Black Bird Cleaner, Black Bird Registry Cleaner, Black Bird Image Optimizer and Black Bird System Info.

Why our software?

What we offer:

Secure and easy of use

Black Bird Cleaner smartly scans every inch of your PC and then removes any junk it finds. And, it only selects files that are 100% safe-to-delete so you never have to worry about removing the wrong ones.

Clean more trash than others!

Due to a completely new algorithms and a completely different approach, Black Bird Cleaner cleans more trash than others.

Clear cache in more than 50 browsers

Unlike other optimizers, Black Bird Cleaner clears cache, cookies, history and temporary files in more than 50 browsers! Also, find old update files and old browser installers!

Optimize pictures without quality lossless

With Black Bird Image Optimizer you can reduce the size of your photos several times without quality loss! We use a completely new color quantization algorithms which are capable of lossless quality reduce the size of photos! Also, Black Bird Cleaner remove doesn't need to your metadata from images.

Really Optimize your PC

Black Bird Cleaner removes thousands of unnecessary files! So after cleaning, your computer will run faster! Also, Black Bird Cleaner speeds up your computer startup and shutdown, optimizes NTFS file system, speeds up your network and internet connection (increasing DNS cache), creates swap file size optimal for your PC, and speeds up visual effects.

More tools to diagnose and clean your PC

Black Bird Cleaner has modules such as: Disk Analyzer showing which files on your computer occupy the most space! Service Manager which shows you all services on your PC so you can remove services that are not needed. Also, Black Bird System Info shows you all information about your PC!



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Lviv, Ukraine