The Black Bird Cleaner Software Affiliate program

Our affiliate program is a wonderful opportunity for you to earn money by promoting Black Bird Cleaner Products. If you own or manage a website, you can participate in our affiliate program. We welcome anyone, from people maintaining a small personal home page to magazines, portals, or ISPs. Our affiliate program is managed by Element 5 AG (, our registration service provider. The affiliate program is extremely easy. There are no hidden costs and it is free to sign up. Your commission is ensured since we use Element 5 AG as the only service provider. For every sale you generate, you earn 20% of the sale amount. Commission could be increased based on your performance! There is no limit to the amount of commission you can generate. You create your web site. You attract the visitors. You receive a fair commission for the work you do! We do the delivery and customer support. You only have to worry about attracting visitors to your site! As soon as your account is activated, you will receive an email with instructions. Now you are ready to sell our software and earn commission. There are two ways to do this. Generate sell links using control panel (instructions how to access control panel will be sent by email).

How can I get my money?

Element 5 AG will send you a check or wire transfer the money to your account according to your instructions. All accounting and payments are managed by Element 5 AG.

Need more information?

We are here to help you earn more! If you have any questions or suggestions, we are happy to help you. E-mail:

PAD files

PAD files for Black Bird Cleaner products is located here:

Black Bird Cleaner
Black Bird Image Optimizer
Perfecto Encryptor
Black Bird Registry Cleaner
Black Bird System Info


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